Posted on Apr 1, 2015 in Pencil Drawing Technique, Work In Progress |

I have been working on this drawing for a couple of weeks now and getting to a place where I am eager to see the final result. It is always nice to reach a point where the drawing process excites the artist. You will also find that there comes a ‘doubting’ phase where you are unsure about the progress and not sure if you nailed the likeness of the person. Always push through this stage and do not give up. Continue to add all the elements to your drawing. Then you can objectively criticize your work.

At this point I will flip the drawing and reference photo up side down to make sure I am on track. You will be amazed how effective this technique is since your brain sees the drawing from a complete different perspective. It is very easy to see mistakes.

The pencil drawing is part of an ebook I am currently writing that teaches how to drawing realistic portraits from a photograph. The book will be available on the iBooks store and Amazon. Stay tuned!

Marilyn Monroe drawing