Posted on Apr 8, 2014 in Pencil Drawing Technique | 0 comments

Today I’m going to show you another cool pencil drawing technique that I use in some of my pencil portraits.

Occasionally the artist needs to cover a larger area with graphite. It could be very time consuming to use a pencil to do this. One way to quickly cover large areas is to use a soft paintbrush with graphite powder. Apply the graphite with the brush.

You will have to practice this technique since the graphite powder tends to go on darker than you intended. It is easy to go dark but rather tricky to have very smooth and light values.

Here is what I do to create a soft lighter value: Dip only the tip of the brush in a little graphite powder. Now dab most of the graphite off on a piece of paper. Rub with your brush on the paper until you see the desired value. Now your brush is ready to fill in the lighter areas.

Carefully apply pressure with the brush. I apply the graphite powder in a circular motion. The above drawing is in its early stages. The softer values on the skin was achieve by using graphite powder. You can see the finished result if you move your mouse over the image.